This line is inspired by my soul mate, Rich Piana. He always wanted to inspire positivity and change in anyone he came in contact with. He passed away unexpectedly and although he’s no longer physically here, I feel he’s watching me from the other side and continuing to push me to spread his message of positivity, determination, and unity.

There are a few elements to this line that are an homage to Rich. Positively is to represent the obvious-His message of taking a negative and turning it into a positive no matter what it is. EVOL is LOVE backwards...As if Rich is seeing all of this from the other side. This also is to represent that mindset of turning any negative into a positive. The V in EVOL is the roman numeral for 5 which is an homage to his company that we created together, 5%.

My goal is to inspire a positive mindset in you as well as anyone you pass by. Whether it be in the gym, at work, or out and about experiencing life - All things we do should have an element of positivity. Let that element be YOU.

xoxo Chanel Renee'